Work, Recreation and Recuperation..

Somatheeram is an Ayurvedic Cure center in Kerala, South India. We spent 2 weeks there, trying to recuperate from the often, brutal yearlong schedules. For 2 weeks we led a regulated life of our vaisnava sadhana at starting 4 in the morning, 2 hour long massage at 7, then yoga for 1½ hours ending just before lunch. All this helped calm and stabilize the 3 doshas and the body functioned better. If only we could maintain a regulated lifestyle, our devotional practices would be smoother. Krishna favors a regulated life for a yogi too.

Yet, service to Him is above all. To serve with this understanding whilst trying to be regulated whenever possible equals surrender. We trust He will protect what we have and carry what we lack.

By the end of our stay in Somatheeram, time passed slowly. We were so bored and missed devotees, temples, prasadam … everything felt stale there. Finally, with great relief we boarded the plane back to Mumbai.

In retrospect, it was worth following the prescribed treatments. The body does function better.

We hope and pray we can serve Sri Nama till our ends.