Ukraine Festival 2016

A number of devotees again attended the Ukraine festival this year. The grounds are near a lake surrounded by pine forests. As usual, seminars are offered during the day. A special non-stop kirtan tent was added this year. There, we serve Sri Nama Prabhu 3 hours every day, besides the occasional kirtan in the evening in the big tent. We are happy to be so engaged.

About 45 minutes before my time was up today, Radhika spoke for nearly 15 minutes on Nama Tattva. We then chanted without instruments for the rest of our allotted time. That was a challenge! 45 minutes of pure Maha Mantra and our minds!!! No instruments to distract or entertain us!!! Many devotees left. The few who stayed on really worked on uncovering our eternal bond with Pure Spirit.

Chanting Hare Krishna is serious business and Prabhupada constantly mentions that we should do it seriously. Tomorrow we’ll do the last 30 to 45 minutes without instruments again. Krishna always reciprocates according to our individual surrender. Prabhupada says ‘easy but not cheap’. KIRTAN FOREVER