A month already, since stay-at-home kirtan. I am grateful for the internet. Scheduled Hari Kirtan daily, built a structure for sadhana practice. There are days when it’s a mental struggle. The uncertainty of suddenly fast shifting physical world is destabilizing. What is in store for the future? Will all return to ‘normal’?

My limited consciousness struggles to link to the Eternal. Hence, the daily Harinama commitment keeps true our focus, at least in theory. It matters that we try our hardest to attract His attention. Validation, promotion, melody, number of viewers and even my determined effort to serve Sri Nama mean nothing if He shows no interest. Uttering the one Name can eradicate more sins than I, the finite, can ever commit; even lifetimes of them! Such a Name is Infinite, descended from Goloka. On my own I might never have the capacity of speaking such a Name. I just have to adhere to Prabhupada’s guidelines, stay in the Sankirtan mission and hope against hope that someday, through the pure, transparent line of our acharyas, we may be in presence of such Hari Nama. Golokera prema dhana, Harinama sankirtana.


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