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Back in Switzerland since 5 days and neither a peep of sun, nor rain nor snow. It’s just grey and cold. All the leafless branches present a very apocalyptic picture.

We came from busy, sunny and colorful Mumbai, where we had Kirtan engagements in different cities.

In the middle of a busy schedule we still had 2 days of restful time at the Eco Village, about 3 hours drive from Mumbai. A big group of yoga practitioners from different parts of the world was doing a retreat there. I recognized people from Germany, Australia and the US. It is a serene place to rest and recuperate. The atmosphere inspires higher thoughts and spiritual goals. In two days time we’ll fly to Australia, direction summer, sun and heat besides our Kirtan engagements. Right now I feel I will never complain about the heat even during the hottest season in the hottest part of the globe.


Lithuania January 2018 – sights and sounds..

Sights on the way to the Lithuania Kirtan Festival..


Madhava prabhu leads kirtan at the Baltics WInter Festival, Lithuania

The Baltics Winter Festival is going very nicely. There are about 400 devotees gathered, and some great preachers, like Trivikrama Maharaja, Dhirashanta Maharaja. Niranjana Maharaja is coming today. This is video of Madhava prabhu leading kirtana last night.

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Summer Camp in the Swiss Alps

While flying over the Swiss Alps our great spiritual master Prabhupada, revealed to one of his disciples sitting next to him on the plane that he saw one of the mountains leading up to the heavenly planets. Swiss summer retreat is always in the Alps, but since the past few years the location is exceptionally stunning. The temple room faces the green slopes of the mountains. We were there for the 12-hour kirtan day.

There is something about mountains that helps calm the mind, focus thoughts and elevate consciousness. The air sparkles almost and energizes. Every breath we take, pure goodness invades our entire body. Our stay was brief. Kirtan with devotees was remarkably deep and heightened.

Beautiful Bali

Bali is a tourist destination. The island is also home to hundreds of Hare Krishna devotees. This year Gaura Nitai and Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra deities were installed during Gaura Purnima festival in Sanur.

Hundreds of devotees and guests attended to welcome Their Lordships and take part in kirtan. A few pundits from the Mayapur gurukula school led the installation ceremony.

After the festival, we went two other temples to serve Sri Nama Prabhu with eager devotees. Yet, the best program was in Ubud, the bohemian town of Bali. Whereas most Australians tourists go to the coast in search of waves, booze and girls, Ubud attracts a high percentage of European seekers. Yoga, vegetarian, vegan and mantra chanting are everyday fares. Together with some local devotees we served Sri Nama in kirtan at the Soma Café. It was legendary. Over a hundred guests chanted and danced enthusiastically. We were so inspired that we hope to extend the Nama seva to 2 days if next year we return there…..KIRTAN FOREVER