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Hare Krishna devotees at Gopinath dham are active in this second most isolated city of the world. Besides the one Kirtan program at the local Krishna temple on Sunday, they had organized 4 kirtan programs at 4 different venues in Perth and Freemantle.

Newcomers were a substantial part of the crowd. Very few came from the yoga scene and almost no Hare Krishnas attended. Yet, these programs seemed to captivate a good number of new people. Though hesitant initially, the first timers quickly caught on and sang and danced uninhibited. The organizers had worked hard to bring about such results – months in preparation, says Sri Radha Raman. We were so inspired.

Moreover a few from the crowd joined Radhika for a 4-hour cooking demo on the Sunday. They watched closely, scribbled down tips and tricks and reveled in the many uses of spices and herbs, variety of flavors and their combination. In the end they savored everything and vowed every dish unique and delectable. Chanting, dancing and feasting are what we do. KIRTAN FOREVER