Stay At Home Kirtan

Karma is a strange thing. We always ignore the cause of our suffering. Yet, karma isn’t blind. Our present actions can decide the intensity of the resultant past-action karma coming to us. Right now, the world suffers a collective karma. We have the ability to impact the force of it. People all over the world chanting kirtan regularly will make a difference. The Bhakti sastras say that in this Kali yuga, chanting the Names of God is the only meaningful prayer that connects us to the Divine. Kirtan never depends on talent, musical ability, vocals or good crowd. Kirtan is yoga, the spiritual link. The Guru says, just open your mouth and sing; this is called kirtan. Our daily online kirtan is a structure that commits us to the duty of it. Else, we could easily become lazy and adjusted to our situation. Thus, if many chant kirtan at least once a day till lockdown ends, the whole planet would resound with transcendental sound vibration. Whether you think you’re good or unfit singer, even if you chant alone or w/ family, online or not, with instruments or none, one melody or different ones each day, just faithfully, steadily sing Kirtan. If we chant and hear the Name at the same time, we’ll soon attain perfection. We can all work to make the world a better place.