We are in Mauritius since about 3 weeks, balancing work w/ recreation. The Southwestern part of the island is wild, forest like, mountainous and quite in goodness. The view from our balcony is stunning. Heady jasmine scent from the bush below permeates around. A complete range of mountains runs behind in the form of a horseshoe. In front is the open ocean, translucent aquamarine blue water sparkling with a thousand dancing lights. Here the sun sets in pomp. Every evening we watch the flaming red horizon devour the glowing orange sun disk. It is a place where one rests, heals and recreates. An abundance of local fruits nurtures the body – sweet juicy litchis, silky papayas, sticky sweet pineapples, divine scented mangoes, ruby red juicy watermelons and more. An early morning dip in the warm waters of the Indian ocean revitalizes. In the evening, Hari Nama kirtan sobers and reminds of our seva. We pray Krishna is one day the center of our lives unconditionally, anywhere, anytime and always.