Pringle Bay, South Africa

Pringle Bay is the home of Mukunda, his wife Madhurika and their 2 sons. They always graciously invite us for some R&R. This time, however, both Radhika and I were very sick with a brutal cold. We spent our entire stay recovering.

Still, the Stellenbosch devotees had planned a 2-day kirtan retreat with university students. We all congregated in Mukunda’s temple room. It is spacious and the view of the crashing waves through the large French windows is stunning.

The students’ loud and enthusiastic chanting was deeply inspiring and naturally led to spontaneous dancing.

Before leaving the Lord of The Seas gave us a bonus. We spotted a large dark mass gliding quite close to the rocks. We saw it blow 3 times. Finally the whale turned seawards and dove, bringing its massive tail out of the water.

Kirtan with the students was so encouraging that we hope to be so engaged next time.

Till next time South Africa. KIRTAN FOREVER