OZ & NZ 19

[Date – 2nd April 2019]

We left Oz for NZ yesterday. We’d spent the longest time in Sydney and finished our Nama seva on a high. A day retreat on Sunday brought 30 people together for 4 hours of philosophy, kirtan, karatal learning, a delicious feast and more kirtan and dancing. We’d landed in Perth end of Feb and time just whizzed by. We began 10 years ago. At one of the programs, 4 people had attended. We had wondered whether to travel so far for so little, forgetting we’ve a right to duty but not to results. Yet, the stability of steady serving seems to have pleased Sri Hari Nama. Now, many more people attend and the kirtan interaction has deepened. We are tools for Sri Nama to use as He desires. He wants His Name sung all over. We truly hope He will use us even when we are reluctant. We have formed strong bonds w/ genuine devotees over these 10 years. They have become family. Sri Nama brought us together and the unique individual service of each inspires our hearts, to keep going no matter what. Today Christchurch is cold, rainy, dreary, much like London. In a couple of days, we’ll travel to Auckland and next Tuesday we’ll be back in Switzerland already.