OZ 2019

Today we begin the first Sri Nama kirtan on the Gold Coast. In Surfer’s Paradise sense enjoyment is God and weather’s always clement. Here, Subhangi and family have maintained their small Bhakti center for years. Both sincere seekers and free flowing spirits join their weekday kirtan.

Yet, up to now, no other cities comes close to Perth. There, a Krishna kirtan explosion has happened. In Fremantle, Sivananda ashram hosted Nama seva for us and a crowd 180+. Over 120 came to Gopinath dham on the last evening. Eyes closed, all chanted and when the rhythm picked up, they eagerly danced in happiness. What mostly inspired was the sheer number of ‘regular’ Australians, many of whom visited for the first time. Some even came to the temple for the Sunday kirtan. They stayed, danced and ate prasadam. Radhika also gave cooking demo for the 3 rd consecutive year and a few had attended the 2 previous ones. We wondered what causes that steady expansion. Sri Radha Raman prabhu, a senior brahmachari is tireless and resolute when it comes to spreading Sri Chaitanya’s culture of Hari Nama. His goal is clear, the practice clean, and Prabhupada’s mission is firmly in the center.