Mumbai – February 2017

Worshiping Sri Nama Prabhu with devotees is the most inspiring thing in the world.  When the focus is service to the Supreme Person, the level of spiritual energy runs high as sincere practitioners strain to serve the transcendental sound vibration with their ears whilst hoping He will invade undeserving hearts with love for His own Name. Radha Gopinath Mandir and Iskcon Juhu in Mumbai were such places.

Furthermore, we spent a couple of nights in the Goverdhana Eco Village in Vara, a project some 2 hours drive from Mumbai. It is complete with the 7 temples of Vrindavana and all the pastime places of Vraj. Even arotik to the Yamuna happens every evening. Radhanatha swami is the force behind this replica Vrindavana. In the courtyard of Radha Damodara temple, he tells us the project is not meant to replace Vrindavana, but to create separation. Here the atmosphere is pristine in the morning, the goshalla houses hundreds of cows, the monkeys live in the hills because no one encroaches upon their living space, electric golf carts are the only means of transportation on the compound and there are hundreds of trees, flowers and birds everywhere. A Krishna pastime is literally behind every tree.

If we are lucky to attract the mercy of the Mumbai devotees, they will engage us again next year.