Over 2 weeks now, since we’ve been in OZ. Since the beginning of the year the pace has been brutal. Yet, Mayapur has been on my mind. We visited after 5 years and the sight of the temple with its massive, biggest on Earth, blue dome stunned us speechless. Sadbhuja prabhu kindly took us around, detailing literally everything. As we explored, a strong feeling of gratitude and love for Prabhupada and his dedicated followers invaded my heart. Standing under the vast dome, we felt proud to be part of such meaningful history. India forever challenges our tolerance, patience and resistance. One who grasps the magnitude of the work will bow in deference to those behind the completion of such a monumental project. I wondered how many more years till the final completion. No doubt, in these times, this is one of the most ambitious artworks devoted to loving and adoring God. We pray Sri Nama favors us with seva in this sacred site.