Here, you feel the weight of history. The land is old and witness to countless conflicts. Chanting kirtan with the local Hare Krishnas, inspires and enlivens. A number of new people attended all the kirtan events. After the army, many Israelis go to India seeking something. Yoga and mantras are known. Now, we are spending a few days with friends at the dead sea, the lowest land point on Earth. On the way we drove thru the Jordan Valley, where Jesus had walked and saw signs leading to Jericho, one of the oldest places on the planet. Remains of the Tower of Jericho still exist, and they are over 8000 years old. Political hostilities deter visitors. 

We see the shores of Jordan on the other side of the dead sea from the balcony of our hotel. Since our first visit 10 years ago, the sea has receded from its former bank. Mineral extraction for cosmetics and damming the Jordan river for irrigation cause it to shrink 1 to 3 meters per year. A visible strain is the failure of humans in their dealings with nature and each other. 

Seeing all my tattoos, the 18 year old lifeguard asked me what I am. He knows about yoga, meditation and mantra chanting. For over an hour we talked topics that frees and takes us to the spiritual dimension. Everywhere, in every situation, someone is ready to hear.