Hong Kong for the first time

Hong Kong for the first time. Devotees are serious, dedicated and determined here. Though the temple is tiny, a steady program is carried out each day. We are staying w/ some good hearted devotees 6 floors above the temple. We are engaged in Nama seva everyday and twice a day at times. Chinese people are hardworking. Here Iskcon is outwardly more cultural than spiritual, because of political restrictions. Yet, the devotees have an awesome prasadam distribution. Yoga is used extensively to connect people to Suddha Sattva. Various classes go on each week. Chinese people enjoy studying. We like the temple. It is well run and the devotees are well organised. Chinese also love discipline. We feel fortunate we are engaged here. Besides, we are deeply grateful to Tamal Krishna Goswami, Bhurijana prabhu and Jagattarini mataji. Their perseverance began Mahaprabhu’s Sankirtan mission here.

Half of our Nama seva is with non devotee yoga crowd. They listen attentively, chant and dance. We may not talk directly about Krishna, but they sure chant Krishna’s name in sincere meditation. Sometimes we stop, wonder in awe about the Sankirtana mission and humbly pray to always be somehow or the other engaged in the eternal, almighty Nama seva.