Disastrous news stunned and the images horrified. Even the wildest of imagination could not have
painted the abomination of the oil spill in the lagoons of Mauritius. Every December we spend a
month of holidays with friends and family there. 6 am we are already in the clear, refreshing waters
of the sea. Schools of tiny fish swim close to the beach, near and around us. Suddenly, jumping in
synch as a silver corps of ballet, they gracefully change direction. A curious turtle will occasionally
poke out his head. The water, aquamarine and transparent laps against a white beach of fine
sand. Everyone wonders at this seemingly exaggerated karma payback. My wife broke down when
she saw the black, viscous water and black, oily sand. What was a Japanese cargo ship carrying
4K tons of oil, on the way to Panama from China doing so far off course?? High cliffs run along the
coast, south of the island. Underwater caves are both breeding ground and nursery for sharks. So,
who knows???

If we don’t learn to see Krishna everywhere, confusion and frustration will delude and disorientate
us. Krishna painstakingly explains to Arjuna the unceasing bitter failures of this temporary world.
He desires we go to this other unmanifest nature which is eternal and transcendental. To trust
implicitly in the process to get there requires unwavering faith. Chanting Hare Krishna secures the
reality of the undying Eternal. 2020 seems to be the year Krishna bared the truth of this perishable
world, raw. We are so deeply grateful to our Prabhupada who destroyed our ignorance and gave
us Krishna.