Harinam Union Square, New York 2016

Sitting down opposite one of the entrance to the Union Square subway stations to chant Hare Krishna is sublime. Lots of times people just rush by hardly acknowledging us, it seems. Still, the nature of sound is that it penetrates and acts subconsciously and this chanting is the first transcendental trickle reviving the creeper of eternal love and devotion present in all living beings, not just humans.

We watch the devotees passing out spiritual books and while some eagerly accept, others need convincing and yet others decline. But of those who are walking past, who can escape the transcendental sound? Good fortune has arisen for them and us too, who are taking part in Hari Nama Sankirtana. We know Krishna is the Controller, still our humble, insignificant plea – Allow us to be an active part of Sri Hari Nama till our very end.