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We are in Mauritius since about 3 weeks, balancing work w/ recreation. The Southwestern part of the island is wild, forest like, mountainous and quite in goodness. The view from our balcony is stunning. Heady jasmine scent from the bush below permeates around. A complete range of mountains runs behind in the form of a […]


Here, you feel the weight of history. The land is old and witness to countless conflicts. Chanting kirtan with the local Hare Krishnas, inspires and enlivens. A number of new people attended all the kirtan events. After the army, many Israelis go to India seeking something. Yoga and mantras are known. Now, we are spending […]

OZ & NZ 19

[Date – 2nd April 2019] We left Oz for NZ yesterday. We’d spent the longest time in Sydney and finished our Nama seva on a high. A day retreat on Sunday brought 30 people together for 4 hours of philosophy, kirtan, karatal learning, a delicious feast and more kirtan and dancing. We’d landed in Perth […]

New Goverdhan

Last Sunday we were part of the best kirtan in OZ till now. Only Hare Krishnas and spiritual seekers living at the Krishna village attended. A packed temple room thundered with sincere and loud Hare Krishna chanting. A powerful, sublime energy prevailed. Teenagers who were still kids a few years ago are now vivacious in […]

OZ 2019

Today we begin the first Sri Nama kirtan on the Gold Coast. In Surfer’s Paradise sense enjoyment is God and weather’s always clement. Here, Subhangi and family have maintained their small Bhakti center for years. Both sincere seekers and free flowing spirits join their weekday kirtan. Yet, up to now, no other cities comes close […]


Over 2 weeks now, since we’ve been in OZ. Since the beginning of the year the pace has been brutal. Yet, Mayapur has been on my mind. We visited after 5 years and the sight of the temple with its massive, biggest on Earth, blue dome stunned us speechless. Sadbhuja prabhu kindly took us around, […]

Trip to the Himalayas

Trip to the Himalayas Part 4 We quickly came to loose stones on the slope of the Bhagirathi Mountain. No path! We advanced carefully and noiselessly as rocks were still coming down. The slap of rocks hitting each other sounded alive! Looking up, I immediately dodged as a fair size one sped towards me. We’d […]

Trip to the Himalayas

Trip to the Himalayas Part I We went to Yamunotri, Gangotri and Gomurkh this time. Landing in Dehradhun early morning, we drove straight to Yamunotri the same day. The winding mountain road generated ceaseless fear. Apparently heavy rains and rock falls had destroyed the already narrow path. In one place, the road was a gaping […]

Hong Kong for the first time

Hong Kong for the first time. Devotees are serious, dedicated and determined here. Though the temple is tiny, a steady program is carried out each day. We are staying w/ some good hearted devotees 6 floors above the temple. We are engaged in Nama seva everyday and twice a day at times. Chinese people are […]

Madhava in Phillipines

On the way to the Philippines Radhika was quite sick with a cold in the chest, which tends to give her asthma. The flight from Dubai to Manila was overbooked and we hoped against hope no one would sit between us in our row of 3 seats as she had window and I had aisle. […]