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Exceptional Friends….

One of the boons of traveling is to meet people who inspire one to better oneself. In Sydney Pratapana and his wife Jayshree hosted us. They are both long time practitioners of the Hare Krishna culture and successful businessmen. Their life’s goal is spreading that art. Besides owning and managing 4 boutiques and a Govinda’s restaurant […]

Work, Recreation and Recuperation..

Somatheeram is an Ayurvedic Cure center in Kerala, South India. We spent 2 weeks there, trying to recuperate from the often, brutal yearlong schedules. For 2 weeks we led a regulated life of our vaisnava sadhana at starting 4 in the morning, 2 hour long massage at 7, then yoga for 1½ hours ending just […]

Mumbai – February 2017

Worshiping Sri Nama Prabhu with devotees is the most inspiring thing in the world.  When the focus is service to the Supreme Person, the level of spiritual energy runs high as sincere practitioners strain to serve the transcendental sound vibration with their ears whilst hoping He will invade undeserving hearts with love for His own […]

Harinam Union Square, New York 2016

Sitting down opposite one of the entrance to the Union Square subway stations to chant Hare Krishna is sublime. Lots of times people just rush by hardly acknowledging us, it seems. Still, the nature of sound is that it penetrates and acts subconsciously and this chanting is the first transcendental trickle reviving the creeper of […]

Bali – Australia – New Zealand 2016

To the best of my ability and with the most sincere of my intentions, this blog is meant to broadcast the glories of Sri Hari Nama Prabhu. In the months of February to April we journeyed to Bali, Australia and New Zealand. In each country we traveled to different cities to serve Hari Nama Prabhu. […]