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Disastrous news stunned and the images horrified. Even the wildest of imagination could not have painted the abomination of the oil spill in the lagoons of Mauritius. Every December we spend a month of holidays with friends and family there. 6 am we are already in the clear, refreshing waters of the sea. Schools of […]

Stay At Home Kirtan

Karma is a strange thing. We always ignore the cause of our suffering. Yet, karma isn’t blind. Our present actions can decide the intensity of the resultant past-action karma coming to us. Right now, the world suffers a collective karma. We have the ability to impact the force of it. People all over the world […]


A month already, since stay-at-home kirtan. I am grateful for the internet. Scheduled Hari Kirtan daily, built a structure for sadhana practice. There are days when it’s a mental struggle. The uncertainty of suddenly fast shifting physical world is destabilizing. What is in store for the future? Will all return to ‘normal’? My limited consciousness […]

A River of Happiness

A River of Happiness Tomorrow I am leaving Rishikesh and the Ganga. This yoga festival goes on till March 22nd. For me, Hari Nama calls elsewhere. Indradyumna swami had a great vision which he actualized. 60 Hare Krishna devotees are helping out. 3000 saris were donated. Before the kirtan, guest ladies are decorated and clad […]


Sitting on the banks of Ganga is inspiring and satisfying. Yet my heart yearns for Ganga of Gomukh, born from the glacier. Her steel blue dancing waters is icy and taste sweet. Every year yogis come from all over for the greatest yoga festival on the planet. It starts March 1st to March 22nd. I […]


Our kirtan seva in Mumbai ended at Mira Road. As usual it is one of the most inspiring and enthusiastic crowds. I’d entreated the assembly not to use mobile phones to film when the kirtan picks up as then, chanting mostly stops. Thankfully they complied and the kirtan turned dynamic. We’d also been to Surat […]

Coming to Kangaroo Land

  We flew into Perth end of February. Aussies on the west coast have fallen hard for kirtan. From that isolated part of the globe, the crowd that came on the 3 nights of kirtan pleasantly surprised us, and a day retreat with smaller numbers revealed depths of commitment to spiritual practices. They were naturally […]