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Ukraine Festival 2016

A number of devotees again attended the Ukraine festival this year. The grounds are near a lake surrounded by pine forests. As usual, seminars are offered during the day. A special non-stop kirtan tent was added this year. There, we serve Sri Nama Prabhu 3 hours every day, besides the occasional kirtan in the evening […]

Pringle Bay, South Africa

Pringle Bay is the home of Mukunda, his wife Madhurika and their 2 sons. They always graciously invite us for some R&R. This time, however, both Radhika and I were very sick with a brutal cold. We spent our entire stay recovering. Still, the Stellenbosch devotees had planned a 2-day kirtan retreat with university students. […]

Israel 2016

Israel is starting to feel like family now – many familiar faces that we meet in the dhama every year are here. Both programs organized in 2 different cities were well attended. Newcomers formed a big percentage of the crowd. Everyone present chanted earnestly. The Hari Nama was the best. May be being the yuga […]